Kinder and School Science Displays

Length of display:

1hr + for school age children depending on age
50min - 1hr for pre-school children (depending on the number of participants & their concentration span)
At schools & kinders we finish with the water rocket launcher! It has to be seen to be believed.


Ring us and find out!
We have professors working in their labs waiting for your call in Geelong and surrounding areas.

Number of Participants:

We can cater for between 20-30 children per display depending on their age.

Suitable age range:

3yrs and up

What Professor Brains needs at your display:

A group of enthusiastic scientists
1 rectangular table for the main display
A space to fit all the students e.g. multi-purpose room or hall

Venue information:

We work inside your school or kinder. (The experiments are more successful inside)
We do our best not to leave a mess or blow up the room...