Professor Brains Science Party Geelong and surrounding areas

Does your child have a keen interest in science?
Then THIS is the science themed party display for them!
There are elements of surprise that with enthuse & amaze.

Professor Brains Science Party Experiments include:

    • Super Absorbent Polymers is it magic or science?
    • Mini expanding spheres & gigantic expanding spheres!
    • Jessica Jelly Fish - Is it a trick?
  • Newton's cradle
  • Magnetic Accelerator – now that’s speed!
  • Static Electricity – it’s not just about balloons & hair! (but that IS fun!)
  • Suction & how amazing it can be!
  • Ultra Violet light and why sun screen is so important!
  • Air and the shark Balloon – we need lots of children to participate in this activity.
  • Can a child blow out a candle 4m away? (They can with help from science)
  • Super Water rocket launcher (this is a FREE added extra with everyone outside.)
  • And much more...

Why choose a Professor Brains Science display?

  • Professor Brains does not lecture to the group.
  • We will stretch your grey matter by educating participants in a FUN way.
  • Professor Brains will ask questions to find out what the group knows & then add to their existing knowledge.
  • We use clever crowd control – no put downs here!